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Why Rogers MacJohn?

Our team collectively brings together decades of management consulting, philanthropy and private sector experience. We use this knowledge to help corporations, governments, NGO's, and donors collaborate and establish business models that enrich people’s wellbeing and the broader economy.

Rogers MacJohn tailors its engagement teams to each client’s unique challenge, drawing on seasoned experts from around the world having the most appropriate depth of skills and experience. 

We know that institutions with common interests and goals do not always have the tools to deepen and sustain their social impact goals. That is why we leverage a network of seasoned experts from around the world in the areas of sustainability, market research, supply chain, retail, agriculture and top-tier management consulting to help you develop the right strategy, find the right partners, and successfully launch your initiative with ongoing support.


Our hybrid approach of C-suite experience, field experience and our flexible engagement model allows us to help you design impactful initiatives from concept to launch, enabling you to communicate the value proposition to all partners and solve issues in the field as they arise.

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At Rogers MacJohn, our mission is to help businesses drive sustainable and scalable social impact by moving beyond traditional CSR to generate shared value for both shareholders and society.

With our business-focused approach to shared value creation, donors increase their leverage, governments stimulate more economic growth and NGO's become more effective coordinators, coaches, and advocates.

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