At Rogers MacJohn we draw on decades of business expertise to help companies, non-profits and governments tackle poverty issues and ensure sustainable and effective solutions. 

We take a business driven approach to poverty issues, working directly with the beneficiaries to ensure sustainable and effective solutions.  

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Value Chain Analysis

Impact Investing

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Market Research and Field Insights

Industry Platform Development

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Organizational Effectiveness and Governance

Our Services

We clarify purpose

Crafting a vision for the future, both for your business and for its stakeholders, requires defining core competencies and a unique valuation proposition to improve the lives of people in the communities in which it operates.

We create sound strategies

Explore opportunities along your supply chain and develop the financial business case where a shift in business practice can have significant social and environmental impact, improve business performance, and reduce risk. 

We collaborate and create connections

Find private, social, and public organizations who share a common vision, possess complementary capabilities, and provide additional resources. Align roles and responsibilities to achieve joint success.

We support and educate

Convening key stakeholders during strategy development, project design, and implementation leverages the expertise of all parties to agree on goals, strategic course corrections and to support common advocacy efforts. 

We help make things clear

Gain a deeper insight into the relevant industry and government standards, certification schemes, and UN Sustainable Development Goals that have already been established and vetted. Establish metrics that balance cost with insight.

We stay on board

From beginning to end

Even with a great strategy, the devil is in implementation. We can provide support when needed to diagnose your challenges, recommend strategic course corrections, help keep execution on track, and bring in new partners.


"Drawing on their vast experience in working with private sector, the team at Rogers MacJohn helped us design innovative partnerships and cost-sharing models to advance the service offering to smallholder farmers in Africa. The team’s ability to connect with people with a non-confrontational communication style and a firm focus on win-win solutions was the key to our success."

—  Christian Witt, Senior Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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